Print Solutions - Introducing a new product

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Promoting your brand, especially when it relates to consumer goods can get a huge boost from printed media. In-store displays must attract the attention of customers, product packaging needs to communicate the advantage your product offers over the next product on the shelf, and even before a product hits the store shelves, manufacturers need to motivate retailers to give valuable shelf space to their product. In each case, printed materials contribute significantly to the perception of the brand. Coordinating each element of your brand promotion can sometimes involve several different companies providing different print products, where ensuring that your brand guidelines and……


Printing Advice - 5 Tips for Building Your Brand

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The Importance of Print for your Brand You need to get the word out about your business, build brand recognition, attract more customers, and it all again. From business cards to posters, postcards to banners, and stationery to product packaging, along the way you’ll need to present aspects of your brand, products, and yourself in print. So much is riding on making a solid impression with your printed materials, and the options for presenting your brand and products or services in a memorable way are virtually limitless. You only have to skim through the fliers and postcards that arrive in your……


You Look Great ! Embroidery and Screenprinting

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We’d like to avoid that uncomfortable conversation when you say to us “I didn’t realize you could do that” If you need anything printed, MLB Print Management is a logical first call since we have a huge network of suppliers that we manage to ensure you receive the best value and the best service for all your printing. But (I hear you saying) what about things you can know, shirts, hats, uniforms! surely you don’t print those you? And that is exactly why we have a blog. Yes we print apparel. Printed apparel like screen printed shirts, embroidered hats, embroidered jackets and other……