The death of business cards is greatly exaggerated!

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Don't toss your Rolodex just yet The trading of cards for business and personal visits dates back to the 15th century in China and the 17th century in Europe when cards were often about the size of a playing card, and were used to announce the impending visit of some member of the aristocracy. By the late 18th and early 19th century, the idea of calling cards became a tradition opted by the rising middle class where instead of an aristocratic title, a business title was substituted. Before the adoption of the computer for everyday business and the more widespread use of……


Print Solutions - Introducing a new product

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Promoting your brand, especially when it relates to consumer goods can get a huge boost from printed media. In-store displays must attract the attention of customers, product packaging needs to communicate the advantage your product offers over the next product on the shelf, and even before a product hits the store shelves, manufacturers need to motivate retailers to give valuable shelf space to their product. In each case, printed materials contribute significantly to the perception of the brand. Coordinating each element of your brand promotion can sometimes involve several different companies providing different print products, where ensuring that your brand guidelines and……


Holidays, End of Year, Thank-You!

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Ok, it’s not quite the end of the year yet, but.... there are so many reasons to connect with your customers (and soon to be customers) right now, to let them know how much you appreciate them and to say thank-you. You may be thinking that it’s too late and that you’ve missed your opportunity, but there are lots of options still available and we’re here to help. Gift tags, labels and cards We don’t print flowers or chocolates or fruit bouquets, but we can help you make more of an impression when you deliver them! Instead of using generic gift tags printing custom……


Printing Advice - 5 Tips for Building Your Brand

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The Importance of Print for your Brand You need to get the word out about your business, build brand recognition, attract more customers, and it all again. From business cards to posters, postcards to banners, and stationery to product packaging, along the way you’ll need to present aspects of your brand, products, and yourself in print. So much is riding on making a solid impression with your printed materials, and the options for presenting your brand and products or services in a memorable way are virtually limitless. You only have to skim through the fliers and postcards that arrive in your……


Getting Your Colour Right

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Printing Colours - what you need to know Have you ever had something printed through a commercial printer only to find that the colours didn't look the way you thought they would? If you have, you’ve run into one of the most common and trickiest challenges with printing. Here’s a little background information to help you understand what’s going on here. How a computer monitor shows colour Your computer monitor is a huge matrix of red, blue and green lights. If you take a magnifying glass and look really closely, you can see them. By adding these three colours in combination each "pixel"……


What is a Print Broker?

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What is the advantage of using a Print Broker? We all use brokers every day...Think about your last grocery shopping experience - did you go to several farms to purchase your meat and vegetables, then to a baker to get your bread? Did you visit a factory to buy cleaning supplies and a dairy to select your cheese? If you’re like most people when you go grocery shopping you go to a grocery store. The role of the grocery store is to collect all the products that you would like to purchase under one roof, give you some choices allow you to……


Big Signs! Big Banners! Stand Out

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Making Large Format Work for You They say in Toronto that there are two seasons: Winter and Construction. While construction can cause headaches for anyone trying to navigate the city streets, for businesses the issue can be much more critical. Building construction and renovations can leave business patrons wondering if the businesses inside are still available and so Starting in April, and continuing later and later in the year, signs start popping up - “We’re still open for business during construction!” When repairs on the outside of their building began - Alterna realized that much of their signing and branding would be……


You Look Great ! Embroidery and Screenprinting

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We’d like to avoid that uncomfortable conversation when you say to us “I didn’t realize you could do that” If you need anything printed, MLB Print Management is a logical first call since we have a huge network of suppliers that we manage to ensure you receive the best value and the best service for all your printing. But (I hear you saying) what about things you can know, shirts, hats, uniforms! surely you don’t print those you? And that is exactly why we have a blog. Yes we print apparel. Printed apparel like screen printed shirts, embroidered hats, embroidered jackets and other……


FAQ - Five Ways to Foolproof your Printing!

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Question: What can I do to ensure that my print job looks how I expected once it’s printed? One of the advantages of working with a print broker like MLB Print Management is that we actually manage your print jobs. When you work with a local print shop and send them a file for printing, they will most likely go ahead and print it as-is assuming that you’ve done the work upfront to ensure it will print correctly. At MLB we take care to ensure that what you’ve asked for is what you truly intended, and we typically proof documents for errors……


Printing Advice - 6 tips for a great golf tournament

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Printing Advice for your next event When your company, group or charity organizes events to either fundraise or to simply say thank-you to customers for working with you, there are many ways that working with a print broker can make planning for that event much simpler. MLB works with a wide variety of suppliers with expertise in creating custom printed signs, documents, embroidered and engraved items - just about anything that can be printed ! Instead of sourcing individual suppliers for each of these items you can make one call to MLB Print Management and be assured you are getting a competitive price……