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Looking for a specific promotional item? We can source it! As a member of Sage we have access to thousands of suppliers all over the world, and can find the right products for your needs. We’ve worked with all types of brands like Yeti, BIC or unique brands like Pop Sockets, and have access to literally 1000’s of different supplier to guarantee the best price and quality for you. There hasn’t been a product we haven’t been able to source for our customers, and we’re also please to provide samples for you before proceeding with orders to make sure you are satisfied with what is being delivered.

A large part of our business has turned to promotional items for our clients. As we can faciliate all types of printing projects, our clients have found that our pricing is as good as anywhere in the market. If you have a trade-show or conference coming up, we can help with small, but inexpensive items that can heklp sell your brand. We've produed items such as USB keys, tshirts, bags as well as more custom products like powerbanks. Contact us today and we can tell you want type of products we can fit within your budget.

MLB can take your idea and find the best print suppliers, process, and materials to make your idea a reality.


We ensure that no matter what your need, not only will we suggest the most appropriate product to meet your needs but we’ll often be able to recommend solutions that a standard print shop won’t be able offer.

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